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Painted Dancers Will Take Your Breath Away

Dancers Jon Boogz and Lil Buck got painted by artist Alexa Meade to look like being set in an impressionistic painting. But when they start with their moves, you wish that your art class in school would’ve been that cool! „Movement artists Jon Boogz and Lil Buck, who use dance to move people and improve […]

Lawyer Quits To Become Master Lego Sculptor

Sadly, most of us at best can simply get through the day at work, while many passionately hate their job. Nathan Sawaya didn’t hate his job per say, but he was quickly becoming tired of the corporate law he practiced in New York City. After work, he would often take up art to relax. After […]

2-Minute Etch A Sketch Portraits You Have To See

The drawing toy Etch A Sketch has been a must have for kids of all ages ever since it hit toy stores in the 1960’s. But most of us can’t draw anything more than a box or a house. That’s what makes artist Christoph Brown such a unique man. Not only is he able to […]

Inspirational – Make Good Art

This video was created in order to inspire the “artists”, the creative, the adventurers, the people who do what they really enjoy doing (and for those who don’t, to keep searching), the creators … the “crazy” ones. To all the people who challenge the “status quo” in which society is based nowadays. And most important, […]

Digital Art On Woman’s Face Will Blow Your Mind

I think this is what this century is all about. Things that were not even twenty years ago only imaginable in science fiction movies are quickly becoming our reality. In their latest video Intel demonstrates the power of the real time face tracking by turning Nobumichi Asai’s face into a canvas for hypnotic light show unlike anything you’ve […]